COVID-19 Update

Our clinics are still open for appointments and operating as per the government issued health guidelines. The safety of our patients is our top priority. Contact us today to making a booking.

Podiatrist Clayton

Our Podiatrist Clayton clinic is located within the Medi7 Clinic on Clayton Rd, and has been providing podiatric services in the area for years.

With a strong focus on holistic care and a tailored approach to each new patient, we’ll take the time necessary to get to know you and provide you with the most suitable treatment. From footwear advice to ingrown toenails, flat feet to shin splints, Podiatry Healthcare Group specialises in a vast number of podiatric services.

Contact our podiatrist Clayton clinic and speak to our friendly team today.

Call Podiatrist Clayton on (03) 9013 9795

Visit us at
Medi7 Clinic
255 Clayton Road
Clayton 3168

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