What makes Podiatry Healthcare Group so unique?

With a holistic approach to your complete foot care, we aim to:

  • discuss your diagnosis in a language that you understand
  • use state of the art technology that compliments your care
  • achieve better body health by addressing any immediate and on-going problems.

We will strive to:

  • treat each patient on a personal and individual basis
  • pass on our advice and knowledge to ensure you can maintain maximum foot care and health in the future.

You will find:

  • confidence in our highly trained professionals
  • comfort in knowing we take the utmost care
  • relief in our comprehensive treatment plans.
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Meet the Podiatry Healthcare Group Team

Gideon Poratt Principal Podiatrist; B.App.Sc (Pod) M.A.Pod.A

Headhsot of Podiatry healthcare Principal Podiatrist Gideon Poratt

Member of the Australian Podiatry Association of Victoria

Gideon graduated from La Trobe University Lincoln School of Health Sciences in 1991. He has had up to date over 30 years of experience and is totally dedicated to his profession.

Gideon began his career at the Inner South Community Health Service in South Melbourne where he developed a broad range of podiatry skills and a holistic approach to foot care, ensuring his clients experienced the best possible care that he can offer.

Gideon focuses on all aspects of Podiatry, including Gerontology, Sports Biomechanics and Paediatrics as well as treatment of complications caused by Diabetes. He is committed to providing an outstanding service to the local community and has two talented team members who work with him to help achieve his goal.

Gideon in his spare time enjoys keeping active with his family and 3 beautiful children.

Bryce Foothead B. Pod

Head shot of Podiatrist Bryce Foothead

Bryce graduated at the University of Technology (Auckland) in 2003. Shortly after, he relocated to Melbourne and found work in Private Practice, alongside Gideon.

Bryce continues to expand his knowledge by also managing a technical footwear store. He has a great understanding of how shoes can help improve ones athletic performance and reduce pains and injuries.

Embracing all facets of Podiatry, including Diabetes assessments, Paediatrics, Nail surgery, and general skin and nail care, Bryce has a passion for lower limb biomechanics - treating sports injuries through exercise and orthotic therapy.

Being a typical Kiwi, his love for sport (rugby) can at times be an occupational hazard.

Siobhan Finlayson

Siobhan completed a Bachelor of Biomedical science with Honours prior to attaining a Masters in Podiatric Practice from Latrobe University. Siobhan enjoys all aspects of podiatry with a special interest in diabetes foot care and musculoskeletal injuries.  

Siobhan strives to deliver holistic approach to managing foot conditions and likes to keep up to date with the latest research to constantly evolve her knowledge and find the best way to treat her patients.

Outside of podiatry, Siobhan is an avid salsa dancer which is why she understands the importance of comfortable functional feet.

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